About Us

Taylor Devices India Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive sales representative of Taylor Devices Inc. Taylor Devices India works as a turnkey Damper contractor taking on the complete responsibility for seismically upgrading the building by installation of dampers. The various stages include structural design for upgrading the building to 'Immediate Occupancy' (Category-B) standards using  dampers  confirming to ASCE-7/ASCE-41 Code, manufacture, test, supply and installation of dampers. Taylor Devices are the world leaders in innovative shock control having more than 60 years experience in the shock and vibration control. Taylor Devices is offering advanced customized solutions for earthquake / wind / shock and vibration control problems using its state-of-the-art analysis and design capabilities. Its product range includes the world’s best and one of its kind customized damping products for use in buildings, bridges, aerospace, defense and industrial applications. There are over 700 projects using Taylor Devices dampers for protection against earthquakes and wind effects. 

Taylor Devices Inc. was incorporated in the year 1955 in United States and is the world leader in the manufacture of damping devices (dampers) which are finding increasing use in the buildings, bridges, aerospace, defense and industrial applications. The company and its staff hold over 90 patents in various aspects of shock control, damping and isolation systems. There are over 700 projects worldwide using Taylor Devices dampers. the state-of-the-art dampers are the very best in the world, manufactured to aerospace certified standards and each damper has a warranty of 35 years, the actual life of a damper is 100 years and beyond.

Sandeep Shah is the Managing Director of Taylor Devices India Pvt. Ltd. and is a Seismic Specialist having extensive experience in structural design of buildings using advanced analysis techniques like time-history analysis. He has worked with many domestic and international consulting firms as an advisor and sub-consultant on important projects in India and abroad. Sandeep specializes in control of dynamic response of sensitive structures especially tall and super-tall buildings. He has obtained Masters degree in Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics from University of Sheffield, U.K. and has undertaken research in Configuration of Energy Dissipation Devices (Dampers) for highrises and super-tall buildings to counter seismic and wind effects.