Seismic Retrofit of Existing Buildings

Many existing buildings do not meet even the minimum code criteria and can collapse if an earthquake strikes. We cost effectively retrofit such buildings, without them having to be vacated, so that they meet the minimum code standards. We retrofit such buildings by installing our patented shock absorbers (dampers) so that they meet the code level earthquake protection standard.

Turnkey Repair and Retrofit Projects

We act like a one-point solution to clients and undertake turnkey repair and retrofit projects. Our expertise ensures that the client gets the best service.

Seismic Upgrade of Existing Buildings

Many times there is a requirement of upgrading the seismic resistance of a building to 'Immediate Occupancy' level of earthquake protection. This level of earthquake protection is much higher than the minimum code level protection. Presently buildings in India are being designed and constructed to 'Collapse Prevention' level of earthquake protection. We undertake projects to upgrade such buildings.