Self-Adjusting Shock Absorbers

The only shock absorbers that automatically adjust themselves to different impact conditions. A patented exclusive of Taylor Devices, three different series of self adjusting units are available in 16 sizes. W-Series Fluidicshoks are available in four sizes of up to 19,000 inch-pounds capacity. W-Series Crane Buffers are available in eleven sizes of up to 4,000,000 inch-pounds capacity. The Uni-Shok, available in six models, has a capacity of up to 5,000 inch-pounds, suitable for most industrial applications. Metric versions of the Uni-Shok are available for export. The self adjusting shock absorbers are competitive with most custom orificed or manually adjustable designs.

Uni-Shok Industrial Shock Absorbers
W - Series Fluidicshoks
W - Series Crane and Mill Buffers


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